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Directors Training Programme


are pleased to announce the next

Directors Training Programme

It is a unique project in which a festival of Indian adaptations of plays will be combined with a Directors training programme.

The programme will enroll participants interested in learning how to direct a play and manage a theatre production. Three to four plays with a French connection are being lined up for adaptation into the Indian social context – and to be produced in the festival. The trainee Directors will thus learn production-direction skills around the chosen live productions.

Bangalore Little Theatre was created in 1960, and is the city’s oldest and most widely respected organization committed to the promotion of theatre and performing arts. BLT is the oldest cultural partner of Alliance Francaise, associated with even setting up the Bangalore centre.

This programme is only for those with previous theatre experience and serious interest in continuing in the theatre. Those interested can write directly to BLT at the following contacts:



Please include your full name, your email contacts, your phone contacts and your address. Add a paragraph to say what your experience in the theatre has been and why you want to join this programme.

BLT and AF reserve the right to the enrolment of applicants. Selected applicants will receive detailed information of the programme schedule. The training will start in early June. The end performances will be in mid-August.



Tell me the name of a flower


Bangalore Little Theatre is back with a psychological thriller – Tell me the name of a flower. This is the second of a new programme called ‘BLT GOLD’ wherein they celebrate classic plays from their archives of over 200 plays done in the past 56 years.


A classic portrayal of six petals of a multi-shaded flower, petals each coloured with Pride, Helplessness, Greed, Fear, Blind love and Deadly illusions. A psychological thriller, it revolves around a murder borne of these various shades and the essence of the beautiful yet dangerous nature of the mind. Kanta has an affair with her husbands best friend and the scene of the revelation brings out the news of their close friend Jyotsna’s affair from the past. With Jyotsna’s previous boyfriend blackmailing the couple with sneaky evidence, who will get killed out of the six under one roof that night becomes the crux of the story. The deepest vulnerabilities are tested and their impact forms the theme of the play. The play is translated by one of Bangalore’s senior-most theatre personalities, Prof. Vijay Padaki, a founder-life member of Bangalore Little Theatre.


Theatre of Dreams



One year ago I saw my first play – ‘Death’ – at the Alliance Française. I was awestruck at the by the sheer brilliance and complexity of the comedy… and also by the number of lines the lead actor had to remember. I was always interested in drama and cinema. But when I saw my first play, it sparked something in me. I just had to get into the magical realm of Theater.

One month from now, I will be acting in my first theatre production, ‘The Frisky Suspenders’, at the Alliance Française. It is a comedy.

When I looked for theatre workshops, I found a few courses lasting a month and costing above ₹5000. While I was very sure that I wanted in, my Dad was against it. I was disappointed. Little did I know, at that time, that this was probably the best thing that could happen. Life then took me to Bangalore Little Theatre’s Summer Project On Theatre (SPOT). I have no clue how I got into BLT’s mailing list but I got the email regarding SPOT and I instantly registered. After a short period on the waiting list and some dad convincing, I was finally in! What really got me interested in SPOT was its length (14 Sundays) and also the price (none of which is used for profits). SPOT is hands down the best theatre workshop in Bangalore.

As a studious school-going student who has consistently fared well in exams, SPOT set a challenge for me. Initially, I thought it would be just 14 Sundays and that I too could  do it with ease. But as we get closer to our final production, the rehearsals are  thrice a week, and we’re still a month away from curtains up! I have 2 sets of exams lined up next month, one of which coincides with my production dates. I have been staying up till 12 every night finishing up homework and even carrying books to study at rehearsals. Also, I used to be a bit scared of staying outside after dusk but now I’ve become completely confident about travelling in BMTC bus even at 9 in the night! I have seen more of Bangalore in the last two months than I have in my whole life. Studies and rehearsals have made my life very busy. But I guess without hard work and commitment, I cannot hope to achieve any target.

I had tried my hand in Hindustani music, but it did not work out with me. Then I tried learning the guitar (twice!) but it too did not work out. I was jealous of other kids who had a healthy extracurricular life, engaged in a bunch of activities. I have also had an obsession to always be different. So here I am, trying to be different – ‘The only below 20 SPOTer.’

It is not quizzing, MUNing, painting, dance or music that has become my tool for self-discovery. It is the theatre of my dreams.

-Guruprerana Shabadi


SPOT(Summer Program On Theatre)2016

BANGALORE LITTLE THEATRE announces the annual SPOT (Summer Project on Theatre). This workshop for theatre enthusiasts has been institutionalized as an annual event since the mid-80s. A great many of the theatre community in Bangalore have been through BLT’s training and workshop productions.

Inviting Applications for SPOT (Summer Program On Theatre) 2016


More details in the link below



Into the Purple Sunset


BLT presents Into the Purple Sunset – an evening of hilarious plays by David Campton

Bangalore Little Theatre is back with a collection of hilarious, British tragicomedy/absurd plays by the renowned playwright David Campton. Campton was a prolific British dramatist who wrote plays for the stage, radio and cinema for thirty-five years.

This play ” Into the Purple Sunset ” is the first of a new programme called “BLT GOLD” wherein we celebrate classic plays from our archives of over 200 plays done in the past 54 years.
Into the Purple Sunset consists of three loosely connected one act plays, absurd, humourous, full of suspense and surprises. The plays are written in the 50’s – 60’s but the situation no different today. It feels very much part of our lives today.The 3 parts of Into the Purple Sunset shows us different aspects of the world we live in.
In this collection, the first play “The smell of burning” a hysterical take on civil unrest and the ignorance of the general public. We then move to the famous and still relevant comical piece called “Out of the Flying pan”. This animated energetic play which has two diplomat’s come together to form a treaty between two nations. The business of government being nation building, trying to obtain more land, wealth and resources, each diplomat is responsible for getting the most out of their agreement. When each side resorts to trickery and underhandedness, the government official’s find they are plunged into war, destroying more then they knew they were bargaining for. This results in full fledged nuclear warfare that leads us to “Mutatis Mutandis” a witty , mirthful “comedy of menace” which gets absurd by the minute.

David Campton is considered one of the first British playwrights to have explored the ‘Theatre of the Absurd’. He was part of the ‘famous six that revitalized British theatre in the 60’s and 70’s.The group included Pinter, Mortimer, Simpson, Wesker and Ayckboum.
Campton, was a friend of BLT. He admired the concept of the Academy of Theatre Arts emphasizing Theatre Education and share many ideas. He maintained contact with us till his death in 2006. He donated a big collection of his plays to our library.

The cast has talented folks from varied backgrounds including the CMO of a new age voice and data technology firm, engineer, technology lawyer, designer, marketing professional, home maker, theatre professional and freelance photographer.
Show dates :
Public Shows
Alliance Francaise

16th May 2015 – 3:30 PM and 7:30 PM
17st May 2015 – 3:30 PM and 7:30 PM

Direction : Abhishek Sundaravadanan and Murtuza Khetty.
Age Limit: 12 yrs onwards only.
AVAILABLE AT : www.bookmyshow.com
BLT : bangalorelittletheatre@gmail.com

World Theatre Day for Children

A celebration event was held in Bengaluru on Sunday,March 22. The celebration this year was unusual in more than one way. To start with, BLT had the National Gallery of Modern Art join the celebration by holding the event in their premises. Second, NGMA happened to open a prestigious exhibition at that time. It was the work of Jamini Roy, hailed as among the first of India’s painters in the modern-contemporary mould. The connection to Tagore and Santiniketan could not be missed. That led to the next important feature of this year’s celebration. With the kind permission of the curator Ms. Ella Datta (and enthusiastic support), we had groups of children doing unrehearsed storytelling before select paintings of Jamini Roy. The animated storytelling was right there in the gallery.

We had over a hundred children attending (another special feature of the 2015 celebration), along with parents or teachers. They listened to the highly imaginative tales in awe and with rapt attention. In two of the stories, the children created a tale from two adjacent paintings, as if they were part of the same story in the painter’s mind!

In addition to this there were songs, games, some storytelling and a film screening. The most pleasant surprise was the appearance of over a hundred children at NGMA in spite of the exam season! Something right happening!