To enjoy being Ridiculous


“Why Spot?” , was one of the first questions thrown to us as we huddled in a circle with our gregarious instructors, and my brain whirred out possible answers to the question none of which I volunteered out, the most compelling of which was to be someone other than me. The throaty voice of the instructor roared out saying “To be ridiculous!”, and that seemed to finish off my boggart of fears, as I forced out a laugh.

As I walked into the hall at AMC on a lazy Sunday morning I felt like a fish out of the water,  as I questioned my decision-making skills for having written off the next 14 Sundays to trips down the rabbit hole. A few eyes followed me as walked on in to register myself and a pair remained glued to the pages of a novel (I inwardly cursed myself for not having thought of bringing one along). We started the session with instructions to jog till we dropped dead, which didn’t particularly lift my spirits but it did get me to snap out of my sleepy haze.

A multitude of exercises few of which involved us turning ourselves as  blobs,  it is extremely satisfying as we roll on the floor shifting through a number of body states. Folk dances and singing help loosen your body and voice, while improv sessions requiring you to be a range of different objects from machines to disgruntled immigrants makes you step out of your comfort zone as you begin to embrace the unknown.SPOT for me has been more than a theatre appreciation workshop, it shows us that unlearning and relearning are perhaps the greatest skills one can possess. If the Wachowski brothers (and now Elon Musk) were to be believed and we are indeed living in “The Matrix”, theatre is what will free our minds and help reclaim that missing joie de vivre as you enjoy being ridiculous, again.

This post has been penned by Sam Terence Roberts, a SPOT Trainee, batch of 2016. The flagship training programme of BLT has been the annual Summer Project on Theatre, popularly known as SPOT, was institutionalised in 1988.SPOT is a training-cum-production project spread over about three months.Reputed for its end productions. For more details of this production click on the link


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