Theatre of Dreams



One year ago I saw my first play – ‘Death’ – at the Alliance Française. I was awestruck at the by the sheer brilliance and complexity of the comedy… and also by the number of lines the lead actor had to remember. I was always interested in drama and cinema. But when I saw my first play, it sparked something in me. I just had to get into the magical realm of Theater.

One month from now, I will be acting in my first theatre production, ‘The Frisky Suspenders’, at the Alliance Française. It is a comedy.

When I looked for theatre workshops, I found a few courses lasting a month and costing above ₹5000. While I was very sure that I wanted in, my Dad was against it. I was disappointed. Little did I know, at that time, that this was probably the best thing that could happen. Life then took me to Bangalore Little Theatre’s Summer Project On Theatre (SPOT). I have no clue how I got into BLT’s mailing list but I got the email regarding SPOT and I instantly registered. After a short period on the waiting list and some dad convincing, I was finally in! What really got me interested in SPOT was its length (14 Sundays) and also the price (none of which is used for profits). SPOT is hands down the best theatre workshop in Bangalore.

As a studious school-going student who has consistently fared well in exams, SPOT set a challenge for me. Initially, I thought it would be just 14 Sundays and that I too could  do it with ease. But as we get closer to our final production, the rehearsals are  thrice a week, and we’re still a month away from curtains up! I have 2 sets of exams lined up next month, one of which coincides with my production dates. I have been staying up till 12 every night finishing up homework and even carrying books to study at rehearsals. Also, I used to be a bit scared of staying outside after dusk but now I’ve become completely confident about travelling in BMTC bus even at 9 in the night! I have seen more of Bangalore in the last two months than I have in my whole life. Studies and rehearsals have made my life very busy. But I guess without hard work and commitment, I cannot hope to achieve any target.

I had tried my hand in Hindustani music, but it did not work out with me. Then I tried learning the guitar (twice!) but it too did not work out. I was jealous of other kids who had a healthy extracurricular life, engaged in a bunch of activities. I have also had an obsession to always be different. So here I am, trying to be different – ‘The only below 20 SPOTer.’

It is not quizzing, MUNing, painting, dance or music that has become my tool for self-discovery. It is the theatre of my dreams.

-Guruprerana Shabadi



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